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Diving Courses Garda Lake

ATIS Diving Club is a diving school on Lake Garda authorized to issue internationally recognized diving courses, valid for public competitions and for the Police. The diving courses in Verona range from the introductory to the more advanced level, with specific didactic and diving courses for children.

Discovering the Diving Courses

The sea has always been fascinating and disconcerting, who has never thought about what was underneath? They have composed books and made films that address this question and we continue to introduce ourselves which different fortunes are looked upon with desire within its depths.

What number of sea occupants do you know? What's more, the number of is still to be found. You will have the chance to discover the stunning vegetation that populates the underwater world. You'll want to get up close and personal with your new mates, observe never-before-seen fish and crustaceans, and who knows, maybe you'll even be responsible for tracking down another species!

ATIS Diving Club is a diving school on Lake Garda partner of NADD and HSA Italia and is also present on yumping, the nº 1 portal in Italy for online bookings for diving and scuba diving.

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