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Dive in the Silent Christ, Porto San Nicolò of Riva del Garda



Easy and fun diving, it offers different solutions suitable for all patents. Particular attention deserves the 3 meters high metal statue representing the Christ of the abyss, at a depth of approx. -15 meters, it has recently been restored. The large statue was created in the sixties by the artist Germano Alberti, placed in 1970, at Porto San Nicolò in Riva del Garda.

The statue is easily accessible thanks to a guide line from the entry point. Two lines then branch off from the Christ, leading respectively to a depth of 30 and 40 meters. Exciting rock walls of various colors, following the peaks you can easily find the starting point with a climb perpendicular to the wall.

Dive in the Silent Christ,…

Dive in the Silent Christ,…

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