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Island of Elba Dive



Recreational and technical diving

Every year the Atis Diving Club Underwater School, at the end of each diving course, organizes a trip to the sea: this year we have organized scuba diving on the island of Elba

This year, the largest of the islands in the Tuscan Archipelago, Elba Island, precisely the Capoliveri area, was chosen as the destination.

The dives were enriched by suggestive and exciting underwater encounters.

Photos and videos describe the beauty of the underwater world, even if the images cannot describe the emotions experienced.

Three of our instructors are present on this trip: Alberto Tumminelli; Davide Furlani and Maurizio Repele. Among the new patented two Open Water Diver Nadd, one Open Water Diver HSA, three Advanced Open Water and many other members for a group of 20 people.

We thank the Mandel Diving Center in Morcone for their collaboration.

Island of Elba Dive

Island of Elba Dive

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