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Alberto Tumminelli


A diver with a great passion, after having been a diving guide for a few years, he was struck by the desire to pass on the teaching of this sport and he obtained all the Instructor licenses until he reached one of the highest levels, Instructor Trainer Staff. He is also a BLS-BLSD instructor with qualification for the practice of first aid, cardiopulmonary resuscitation and oxygen administration in hyperbaric accidents. He also decides to obtain the HSA instructor Trainer certification for the training of people with disabilities and the preparation of Dive Buddy divers. In 2021 he was appointed as the only HSA (Handicapped Scuba Association) contact person for Lake Garda and the Province of Verona. He founded ASD ATIS Diving Club, today the largest diving school in the Veneto region and a specialized diving center for training and diving for able-bodied, children and the disabled, putting together a group of diving instructors and guides.

Santo Signorello


Thanks to its twenty years of experience, enriched by the passion for wrecks that makes it a source of undisputed knowledge on the subject, it is one of the pillars of our Association. His passion for wrecks makes him the leading instructor in the industry and the most experienced dive guide in the world. He is an Open Water Diver instructor, patent obtained in our ATIS Diving Club school, with our ITC Staff Trainer Alberto Tumminelli, qualified to teach the courses "Scuba experience", "Scuba diver", "Open Water Diver" and "Advanced Diver" .

Maurizio Repele


A highly experienced, attentive and qualified diver, he is HSA certified and therefore a valid support in the training of our students with disabilities. He is also Advanced Instructor, obtained in our ATIS Diving Club school, with our ITC Staff Trainer Alberto Tumminelli, therefore qualified to teach all courses, from the "Scuba Experience" to the "Divemaster", as well as various specialty courses. . He passed on his love for diving to his entire family.

Lucia Gines


Born in Argentina, she is a passionate and attentive diver, euphoric and full of determination. She came across this sport for the first time in the Colombian Caribbean and she immediately fell in love with the wonderful underwater world, becoming aware of the defense and conservation of marine biodiversity. From that moment on, he began his diving career and is now Assistant Instructor, patent obtained in our ATIS Diving Club school, with our ITC Staff Trainer Alberto Tumminelli, with more than 400 dives in the Caribbean and several in Croatia and the Lake Garda.

Agustin Grisanti


Born in Argentina, he earned a Master's Degree in Biology and continues his passion by working at the Sea Life aquarium in Verona, taking care of ensuring the well-being of various species such as fish, sharks, jellyfish and octopuses. Thanks to his interest in underwater photography, he manages to combine his passion for diving with biology. Now Dive Master, patent obtained in our ATIS Diving Club school, with our ITC Staff Trainer Alberto Tumminelli, has had the opportunity to dive in South America, Colombia, Mexico, Galapagos Islands, Croatia, Sardinia and, of course, Argentina

Francesco Pancini


His passion for diving was born thanks to the meeting with the Atis Diving Club, in particular with the instructor and president Alberto Tumminelli. He then embarked on his diving path in our school, acquiring various patents such as: OWD (open water diver), AOWD (advanced open water diver), Specialty Diver (dry suit), Rescue Diver (underwater rescue) and Deep Diver (deep diving ), Dive Buddy HSA up to acquiring the diving guide qualification thanks to the many dives on Lake Garda, in particular, and sea dives specifically in Noli Ligure, Croatia (Rijeca) and Trieste. He also wrote with the advice of Alberto Tumminelli, of the co-supervisor dott. Massimo Torboli and with the precious help of dr. Luciano Ditri (hyperbaric doctor) a degree thesis in Motor Sciences for health, entitled “The benefits of underwater activities on health”.

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