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Basic Scuba Diver Course

Course Description

The Basic Scuba Diver course is a diving course designed to gain confidence in diving with shorter times, ideal for example to enjoy the wonders of the seabed during a week’s vacation. At the end of this course you will be able to dive within 12 meters of depth accompanied by a professional underwater activities. Later, if you wish, you can implement your training by attending a few more theoretical and practical lessons and obtain the Open Water Diver certification.

Theoretical part

The theoretical part of the Basic Scuba Diver course will teach you the basics of recreational diving and diving techniques. You will then learn everything you need to be able to dive in total safety, within 12 meters of depth, perfectly using all your diving equipment.

Practical part

The practical part of the Basic Scuba Diver course consists of some exercises in the pool and some in open water, at Lake Garda. Thanks to the collaboration with the Sporting Club di Fumane , the practical tests take place in the swimming pool, where you can practice together with your instructor and take confidence with your equipment. Finally, you will test your skills in some simple dive sites in Lake Garda, where you can finally test your skills live.


At the end of the Basic Scuba Diver course you will receive an internationally recognized certification and you will be able to leave for your beach holidays with all the necessary knowledge. If you liked the course, you will be able to attend a few other lessons and obtain the Open Water Diver certification, which it will enable you to dive up to 18 meters deep!

It is a sport in all respects, with weekly training and diving in breathtaking delimited waters! Do you have questions? Write us a Whatsapp message by clicking the button below or send us an email from the contact page !

Course Information
Lessons: 4
Water depth: 12 mt
Minimum age: +12 years old

Basic Scuba Diver Course

Basic Scuba Diver Course

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