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Dive Master Course

Course Description

The Dive Master course represents the first level to become a professional diver. The figure of Dive Master represents an expert and reference figure, who assumes the responsibility of accompanying other divers in diving safely, can also assist an instructor during recreational courses. will allow you to work as a diving guide in Diving Centers or diving schools all over the world. The program allows you to learn how to lead groups of certified divers underwater and to assist the instructors during diving activities. Among the necessary prerequisites are: to have made at least 60 dives and to be in possession of the licenses provided for in the emergency section


The minimum age to access the course is 18 years and the student must have a valid Rescue Diver and Deep Diver, BLS-First Aid and Oxygen Provider certification. In addition, the student must have made at least 60 recorded dives, of which at least 40 after obtaining the Open Water Diver certification and 30 in different environments and conditions.

Theoretical part

Theoretical teaching includes the explanation of physiology and physical principles, causes and effects of diving diseases and accidents (prevention and treatment), first aid and BLS-First Aid techniques. In addition, all topics related to problems related to deep diving, the choice of diving sites, evaluation of divers, equipment, management and conduct of a dive, briefing and de-briefing and knowledge of the main nodes and their use will be treated. .

Practical part

The student will have to perform a demonstration for the students and be able to master all the techniques in apnea and with scuba. In addition, they will need to be able to identify signs of stress in the buddy and in people guided underwater, to manage an emergency related to the malfunction of the equipment of the buddy or a guided person, self-rescue techniques and assistance of the buddy in surface and rescue of a diver. In addition, the student will have to successfully perform swimming and aquatic tests.


The Divemaster’s certification will allow the diver to be able to organize, plan and guide recreational dives for certified divers. Carry out effective and short Briefing and Debriefing and manage emergencies by adapting to the type of environment and activity carried out.

Dive Master Course

Dive Master Course

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