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Course Description

The course includes training in the use of the dry suit in order to enjoy the advantages of the thermal protection offered by it. An integral part of the course is the prevention and management of accidents deriving from its use.


Having reached the age of 15, possessing the Open Water Diver certification

Theoretical part

The lessons will analyze the main characteristics of the dry suit, the types and its maintenance.

Practical part

During the lessons in the pool or in open water, exercises such as weighing, descent, search for neutral weight while diving and simulations of continuous delivery of the inflation system will be performed. All these exercises will allow you to master the dry suit and avoid possible accidents such as “ballooning”.


The obtained patent will allow you to use the dry suit.

Course Information
Lessons: 4
Minimum age: +15 years old

Dry Suit Course

Dry Suit Course

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