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Scuba Introductory Course

Course Description

The scuba diving course consists of two parts:

Theoretical part

The theoretical part of the Introductory Scuba diving course aims to introduce the fundamental concepts of diving to ensure a safe dive for the student. This is not a theoretical study, but an overview of what he could learn during the diving courses of the ATIS Diving Club.

Practical part

The goal of the sub Scuba Introductory proposal is obviously to make the aspiring diver experience real diving. The practical part consists of two dives:

  • one in confined waters
  • one in open water

during which the instructor manages all your equipment for you. All you have to do is observe the underwater panorama and marvel at how spectacular the underwater world is!

At the end of the dives, the aspiring diver may decide to participate in the Open Water Diver basic level diving course in Verona which will enable him to dive in total safety up to a depth of 18 meters.

Course Information
Lessons: 2
Water depth: 12 mt
Minimum age: +12 years old

Scuba Introductory Course

Scuba Introductory Course

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