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Advanced Open Water Diver Course

Course Description

Thanks to this specialized diving course, the patented Open Water Diver can acquire very important specialized knowledge, useful in any circumstance.


The Advanced Open Water Diver advanced diving course is dedicated to those who are in possession of the Open Water Diver certification. No further prerequisites are required.

Theoretical part

The theoretical part of the Advanced Open Water Diver diving course aims to broaden the diver’s knowledge acquired during the Open Water Diver course, thanks to the teaching of the five essential diving specialties:

  • Search and Recovery
  • Limited or night visibility
  • Rescue
  • Navigation
  • Deep dive

The specialties are essential to increase the safety of the diver and guarantee him a complete knowledge of the right diving techniques. Thanks to this course the student acquires:

  • greater control of himself and the group
  • greater decision-making autonomy
  • a better diving technique.

Practical part

The practical part of the Advanced Open Water Diver sub course performs in detail the specialties taught during the theoretical part. The didactic dives of the Advanced course are extremely stimulating and interesting, as they aim to deepen the underwater techniques by simulating real situations:

Search and Recovery

The diver is stimulated in the search for a lost object in the water, through specific search and recovery techniques.

Limited or night visibility

In this exercise, an immersion is carried out in not very clear waters and / or at night. We have posted some night diving videos on our Youtube channel. Watch one of the videos here: Night dive at Lake Garda


The rescue trials are designed to increase the diver’s personal safety by teaching a partner’s rescue and rescue techniques.


This exercise is essential for any diver, but it also has its benefits out of the water. The navigation exercises are intended to teach the diver the techniques to “navigate” underwater while maintaining orientation. Thanks to the use of a compass, conspicuous points, surveys and special signals, the diver can always know where he is and find the way back!

Deep dive

One of the main features of the Advanced Open Water Diver certification is the maximum depth that can be reached. In the Advanced case it is 30 meters below sea level and this exercise aims to become familiar with the greater depths.

Final patent

At the end of the theoretical and practical course, the diver obtains the official license. The Advanced Open Water Diver certification is internationally recognized, and will be requested by the Diving Centers if the diver is on vacation and wishes to dive with a local diving center. After passing the Advanced Open Water Diver course, the diver can continue with the most disparate specialization courses: video-underwater courses, photography, counter-current navigation, and many others.

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Course Information
Lessons: 10
Water depth: 30 mt
Minimum age: +15 years old

Advanced Open Water Diver Course

Advanced Open Water Diver Course

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