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Oxygen Provide Course

Course Description

The Oxygen Provide Course offers specific training on oxygen administration techniques to be able to help a companion in difficulty, offering a valid first aid aid while waiting for help. Duration 4-6 hours.


The course is open to students aged 15 and over (children aged 12-15 can participate in the Junior Oxygen Provider course). Be in possession of the BLS-First Aid certification issued by a recognized teaching institution.

Theoretical part

The lessons will deal with notions of the anatomy of the circulatory and respiratory systems, of the pathophysiology of the main pathologies that benefit from oxygen therapy. In addition, the mechanisms of action of oxygen therapy, the delivery methods, the regulations regarding the transport, storage, manipulation and administration of oxygen as well as the first aid procedures related to the administration of oxygen will be analyzed.

Practical part

During the practical part we will proceed with the identification of the components of the Oxygen Kit, the assembly and disassembly of the unit and simulations with victims in cardio-circulatory arrest and with conscious victims.


The certification obtained must be renewed every 2 years by repeating the practical exam with a qualified instructor.

Course Information
Lessons: 3
Minimum age: +15 years old

Oxygen Provide Course

Oxygen Provide Course

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