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Safety Assistant Diver Course

Course Description

Surface dive assistants are a real point of reference for divers and instructors. They know the theory of diving, equipment, first aid maneuvers and can lead a boat. All this is of fundamental importance during underwater activities, both on land and in the water.

Who is it for?

The Safety Assistant Diver course is aimed at all those who have followed the theoretical part of the courses:

  • Open Water Diver (from which you learn the notions of diving, the theory of diving and the equipment used);
  • Dive Medic & Oxygen Provider (during which you learn the safety rules and first aid maneuvers).

The course is aimed, for example:

  • Parents who do not want to participate in water activities but who nevertheless wish to stay close to their children while diving;
  • To couples, in which he or she wishes to stay ashore or on a boat while their partner dives into the water.

Theoretical part

The theoretical part of the course consists of the Open Water Diver and Dive Medic & Oxygen Provider modules. The surface diving assistant will thus be trained on the use of diving equipment and their maintenance, on the theory of diving and will be able to assist divers both in the water and on land.

The Dive Medic & Oxygen Provider course is a training course compliant with the indications of the Ministerial Decree n. 388/03, concerning the provisions on company First Aid. It is therefore a BLS (Basic Life Support) course that includes all the notions of first aid and cardio-pulmonary resuscitation valid even outside the underwater reality.

Practical part

The practical part of the Safety Assistant Diver course is not foreseen. The surface diving assistant actively participates in divers’ exercises, through the maintenance of equipment, the learning of underwater briefings and the driving of boats.

Safety Assistant Diver Course

Safety Assistant Diver Course

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