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Deep Diver Course

Course Description

The Deep Diver course allows the acquisition of greater experience in diving, in particular with regard to deep diving. Always within the safety curve and within 40 meters of depth, the student will master a greater ability to analyze diving scenarios and the potential risks associated with the activity.


The course is open to all divers in possession of an Advanced Diver Certificate, with at least 20 registered dives (including those of the courses) of which:

– 1 dive at night or in conditions of poor visibility;
– 1 boat dive;
– 5 dives between 20 and 30 meters deep;

Theoretical part lasting at least 10 hours

The course will explain the necessary characteristics that diving equipment must have to be suitable for deep diving, what additional equipment the diver must have and how to use these “special” equipment. You will learn how to plan a deep dive safely and also the importance of underwater orientation. In addition, the issues relating to the possible physiological problems related to this type of diving and how to manage them will be addressed.

Practical part

The practical part consists of at least 3 scuba dives in which you will learn how to configure and assemble the equipment, to control the buoyancy and buoyancy, to manage a possible exhaustion of air and an emergency decompression. We will practice deep navigation techniques and orientation.

Final Patent

The student will be able to dive, without the supervision of an Instructor, within the safety curve and within 40 meters of depth within the limits of recreational diving.

Course Information
Lessons: 15
Water depth: 40 mt
Minimum age: +15 years old

Deep Diver Course

Deep Diver Course

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