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Naturalist Diver Course

Course Description

The Naturalist Diver course offers notions regarding the submerged environment with the aim of providing greater awareness of the seabed, flora and fauna.


The minimum age to access the course is 15 years and must have the Open Water Diver certification.

Theoretical part

The course will deal with aquatic environments, marine organisms and the possible threats that may be encountered during a dive, as well as addressing topics such as climate change, the impact of underwater activities on the environment and how to preserve the aquatic world.

Practical part

During the dives, particular importance will be given to the attitude, the control of which is necessary in order not to damage the seabed. Furthermore, an integral part of the practical part is the identification of the flora and fauna present, the search for rare specimens and the removal of waste and sources of pollution.


At the end of the course the diver will receive the Naturalist Diver Nadd certification.

Course Information
Lessons: 6
Minimum age: +15 years old

Naturalist Diver Course

Naturalist Diver Course

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