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Wreck Diver Course

Course Description

The Wrek diver course qualifies divers for diving on wrecks, without penetrating, always within the safety curve, to a maximum depth of 30 meters (if in possession of the Advanced certification) and of 40 (if in possession of the Deep certification Diver).


– The course is open to all divers in possession of an Advanced Diver License with at least 20 registered dives.
– Be over 15 years of age.

Theoretical part

In this course you will learn a lot of information, clarifications and very important procedures for diving on wrecks in absolute safety and respecting the environment. We will analyze the types of wrecks, the problems that may occur during the dive, the aquatic life in the wrecks and the methods of penetration (max 5 meters).

Practical part 3 lessons

Fundamental in this type of diving is having good buoyancy control and kicking techniques, you will immediately learn to move by minimizing the displacement of sediments from the seabed as well as carrying out numerous buoyancy improvement exercises.


The certification obtained will allow you to dive on wrecks without penetration except within the limited parameters specified within the course.

Course Information
Lessons: 5
Water depth: 30 mt
Minimum age: +15 years old

Wreck Diver Course

Wreck Diver Course

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