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Cavern Diver Course

Course Description

The NADD Cavern Diver course program has been designed to provide you with the essential skills to safely dive into a cave. It is also possible to carry out advanced training with the Full Cave Diver course while maintaining high safety standards.


At the end of the course, if passed successfully, the diver will be able to receive the certification attesting his qualification to dive within the following limits:

– Cavern Diver certification (zone 1):
– Maximum depth: 20m
– Maximum distance from the surface: 50m
– Guide line: pre-installed and continuous
– Exceeding siphons: NO
– Forks: NO
– Crossings (entry and exit from different points): NO
– Restrictions (zone in which no 2 divers pass): NO
– Respiratory Blend: Air or Nitrox.

Cavern Diver Course

Cavern Diver Course

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