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Open Water Diver Course

Course Description

This is a diving course in Verona in which the diver learns the basic knowledge of equipment, diving techniques and the theory of diving. It is divided into a theoretical part in the classroom and a practical part. Here are the main features of the course:


Since this is a first level of approach to diving, the only prerequisite required is to be at least 10 years old for the Junior Open Water Diver license and at least 15 years for the standard license. It is not necessary to have attended any courses before this. The student must enjoy a physical condition compatible with diving.

Theoretical part

The theoretical part of the Open Water Diver course is structured in 6 theory lessons in the classroom, during which the basic concepts of diving, physical notions and marine properties are examined. The underwater instruments and the maneuvers to be carried out underwater are carefully analyzed in the classroom, so that the diver becomes familiar with his equipment and movements. At the end of the theory lessons, supported by video lessons and slides, we finally proceed to the practical part in the water.

Practical part

The practical part of the Open Water Diver course is the most challenging of the course. It is structured in 6 exercises in delimited waters and at least 4 dives in open water, during which students can finally put into practice all the notions of the theoretical part. Thanks to the collaboration with the Fumane Sporting Club, the first exercises can be carried out in the swimming pool. Divers can thus practice in complete safety within dedicated lanes, also taking advantage of the showers and changing rooms at the end of the exercises. Finally, open water dives are necessary to apply all the knowledge acquired in a complete underwater environment, such as Lake Garda. We will visit breathtaking, unknown and mysterious underwater landscapes, with video footage and photographs!

Final patent

At the end of the theoretical and practical course, the diver obtains an official license. The Open Water Diver certification is internationally recognized, and will be requested by the Diving Centers if the diver is on vacation and wishes to dive with a local diving center. After completing the Open Water Diver course, the diver can continue with the Advanced Open Water Diver certification.

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Course Information
Lessons: 15
Water depth: 18 mt
Minimum age: +15 years old

Open Water Diver Course

Open Water Diver Course

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