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Snorkeling Diver Course

Course Description

Snorkeling is a very common practice that allows you to observe the seabed almost always remaining on the surface, using a snorkel and a mask. This practice can also include small and short freediving dives. If you are a sea Snorkeling enthusiast and want to learn to dive like a real professional, this is the course for you!

Theoretical part

The theoretical part of the Snorkeling Diver course will teach you some very useful techniques (which not everyone knows) that will allow you to have more fun and in total safety. Thanks to special breathing techniques, for example, you can float more safely and effortlessly. Thanks to some tricks, you can empty your mouthpiece without removing it from your mouth and avoid annoying drops of water in your mouth. Finally, with a correct use of fins, you will be able to swim more effectively and get tired much less.

Practical part

The practical part of the Snorkeling Diver course is the funniest part of the course. Thanks to the collaboration with the Sporting Club of Fumane, the practical tests take place in the swimming pool, where you can try all the techniques you have just learned together with your instructor. Finally, you will test your skills as a Snorkeling Diver on the lake, where you will finally be able to observe the flora and fauna live. From a physical point of view, the practical part of the course is very important. Physical and muscular activity during a dive is comparable to that of swimming: all the muscles of the body are stimulated during the dive, the mind remains focused and the experience will be unforgettable!


At the end of the Snorkeling course you will receive a certificate and you will be able to continue improving your knowledge with the Skin Diver and Scuba Introductory courses. It is a sport in all respects, with weekly training and diving in breathtaking delimited waters! Do you have questions? Write us a Whatsapp message by clicking the button below or send us an email from the contact page!

Snorkeling Diver Course

Snorkeling Diver Course

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