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Baby Dolphin Course

Course Description

This course, given the young age of the participants, is to be considered a course of experience and introduction to diving.


Children between the ages of 8 and 9 can participate in the Baby Dolphin experience program and dive within 4 meters always accompanied by an instructor. It is recommended that children participate in the course together with a parent or guardian.

Theoretical part

The theoretical training is specifically designed for our Baby Dolphins, in fact, easily understandable slides will be used in order to make the lessons more interesting and engaging! During the lessons we will analyze water and its characteristics, basic diving equipment, the underwater world and much more.

Practical part

During the practical part in the pool, the little divers will put into practice all the notions learned in the classroom, will practice swimming techniques and will learn how to behave in the water, how to prepare the equipment and posture.


At the end of the course, if passed successfully, the diver will be able to receive the Baby Dolphin certification which certifies his qualification to dive within the depth of 4 meters always accompanied by an instructor.

Course Information
Lessons: 15
Water depth: 4 mt
Minimum age: +8 years old

Baby Dolphin Course

Baby Dolphin Course

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