GROW LIKE A DIVER: what children learn with ATIS

In September we are used to seeing children returning to school, but one of these was able to host young students even before lessons, in the traditional sense of the term, could resume ...

We are talking about a girl and three boys aged 9 e i 10 years that are attending the classes of ATIS Diving Club to become a diver with official Open Water Diver Junior NADD certification (of which we have already mentioned in the previous article "Underwater for everyone… even for children!”.

Currently these four little future divers I'm already in the fourth lesson and thanks to the didactics adapted to their young age and the special training methods of the ATIS Diving Club staff, one cannot help but say that the learning speed shown is really exciting.



Password: never get bored!

For this reason the lessons that these little divers are following directly at the training center of ATIS Diving Club they have been specially designed from top to bottom for them, overturning the method and methods used for adults, while maintaining the same contents, the same notions, but also precisely the same quality and quantity of learning.

Therefore foreseeing audio-video material adapted and implemented with many images ATIS Diving Club has made learning not only more fun, but also remarkably easier. The notions imparted are in this way better received and come assimilated effectively and quickly.

The entire training process is handled by ATIS Diving Club specifically for children.

In fact, to teach a good diver to become one, a path is foreseen in which theory and practice intersect, alternating with each other (while for the adult diver they are two separate and consecutive phases), doing so that no moment of boredom can arise and keeping everything particularly interesting and active.



The particular preparation and preparation of the staff of ATIS Diving Club instructors is a point of great importance because, and to, with children you have to know how to do it!

Helped also by our extensive experience in close contact with the disabled, given by the historical collaboration with HSA (Handicapped Scuba Association, Disabled Diving Association), sensitivity and a sense of concern are strong points found in every ATIS member responsible for the training of every single diver who relies on our diving school.

In general, each sub formed by ATIS Diving Club is strictly followed paying attention to what he personally needs most to learn. Specifically for children, during classes intervention is encouraged of the same, they also come often called to participate (for example, doing exercises on the board) and you ask them to bring the questions that arise to them at home to the next lesson to face any doubts together. As for the practical lessons, instead, the strength of our school derived from the strong will of the ITC Staff Trainer Instructor and President of the association Alberto Tumminelli, it is precisely that of carrying out the lessons in relationship 1 a 1. Each Junior student, so, is followed by a specialized instructor who personally takes care of following the child's practical learning of the exercises.

Anyway, each instructor, in his way, also find some other "secret" to be followed closely!



In addition to the practice of diving itself, who, like any sport on the other hand, door to physical and coordinative developments, activities and preparation for scuba diving, among the many sports disciplines, they also require personal growth and awareness on some important sides and issues.

The experience of ATIS Diving Club suggests that thanks to scuba diving children are able to understand:


We find that the young ATIS divers they understand in a very profound way that if rules are imposed they are themselves to guarantee their own good or even the good of others.

Show these little divers what rules like, for example, that of not leaving your own cylinder "standing" to avoid the risk that it could harm someone by giving up, makes it easier to accept the rules in general because it shows them the value of respecting them.


Even in courses for the youngest ATIS Diving Club occupies part of the training to talk about the couple system, teaching collaboration and respect towards one's partner.


These two aspects are deeply linked to diving and they are learned above all in the practical phase of the course, already during the first tests in the pool, principally by controlling the respiratory rhythm and with the carrying out some exercise.


The child, as a young diver, he will not only have the responsibility of learning the notions of theory, but it will also come to him (albeit always side by side and after having ascertained his familiarity) entrusted with the preparation of its equipment and its management both on the surface and underwater.


Raising awareness of respect for nature is not only taught to children by explaining to them why it is important not to touch, do not break or take anything away during a dive, ma this specific sense of nature conservation will be able to develop involving young divers in concrete initiatives.


In fact, Junior divers will then have the opportunity to take part in the many initiatives of ATIS Diving Club to clean the seabed of Lake Garda.

It's about experiences simple, as they take place with very shallow dives; funny, because it looks like a treasure hunt (since surprisingly there are always very interesting objects on the seabed); engaging, because a good number of divers always participate in these events and they really make a difference from an ecological point of view (you can learn more by reading our article "The responsibility and ecological capacity of a diver”.



These are our future divers 9 e 10 years have been learning all these things with remarkable enthusiasm that they are incredibly able to pass on to all of us at the ATIS Diving Club school.

Grow as a diver, thus become a diver, it means having embarked on a real path which transcends sport and the mere recreational aspect of this activity. That of the diver, indeed, it is not a world made only of water, bubbles and fish, But say personal growth, of new companions and a lot of awareness of themselves and of the world in which we live.



Atis Diving Club

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