Benefits of Diving for the Disabled

Close contact with nature is good for everyone.

Whether it is an immersion in the green of a forest or in the blue of the water, both our body and our mind often derive something deeply invigorating.

This is also the case for scuba diving. That special aquatic world that is increasingly possible to make accessible to all.

The diving, thanks to companies such as HSA - Handicapped Scuba Association (link: https://www.hsaitalia.com/) with which ATIS Diving Club collaborates closely to promote and disseminate the Diving For All project, they are also becoming a valuable recreational activity for the disabled, who certainly derive even greater benefits than the able-bodied.


The benefits on a physical level:

To begin with, starting from the physical point of view - the most obvious and "difficult" aspect for a disabled diver, whereas if for any one person a scuba diving requires a relatively mild effort and only a fair amount of energy, the level of general commitment for an invalid is exponentially higher.

Precisely this aspect makes diving part of the activities that can actually have a significant impact on muscle development in the disabled.

Being that the whole body is stimulated under water, on which we must not forget the considerable weight of the diving equipment is also burdensome, there is not only an improvement in disabled divers fitness, therefore also strength and endurance, but a major one awareness of one's body and therefore an increase in coordination physical education.

A curious thing, that you may not know and that happens to all divers, disabled and not, is the fact that by breathing the compressed air of the cylinders during a dive, the body is naturally stimulated by this same air to produce beta-endorphins, a type of endorphin, known by all of us as the hormone of happiness, which gives a sense of relaxation and promotes a psychophysical well-being.


The emotional benefits:

In fact, the advantages of diving for the disabled are not only physical, as in these people they are found net improvements primarily from the point of view of increasing self-esteem.

In itself, the average diver in general enjoys the consideration of a person who he practices an activity that is still seen today as something of a niche. Si tratta di uno sport che viene considerato tecnico, for which one must be well prepared and even very courageous, something that in a certain sense is not accessible to everyone even among the able-bodied ...

So this “special” thing that is scuba diving makes even the disabled feel special. They practice an activity that can be defined as out of the ordinary, not every day, alongside people who share exactly the same experience with them.

Thanks to diving, indeed, the disabled can live social inclusion: a family environment is created among divers and becomes an opportunity to cultivate relationships and make new friends, since living and confronting the same things as the able-bodied the underwater environment becomes a "zero barbarous" environment. Zero differences even out of the water perché pur essendo un’attività fisica per cui serve attrezzatura modificata apposita e una didattica adattata, the diving experience is the same for everyone.

The water, being a zero gravity environment, it allows disabled people to do the same things as an able-bodied person, to see the same wonders and to access the same experiences, literally bringing them in another world in which everyone seems to have the same chances… and even difficulties!

He is Alessandro, handicapped and ATIS diver

[Data: 04 July 2021 – Place: Coltri wreck, Lake Garda]


What we all consciously never dwell on (almost) to appreciate water is the fact that for us men you represent something primal, a bond with nature that literally envelops us, just as if it were the same mother nature of which we can physically feel the embrace.

The underwater environment represents a return to a state of rebirth that our body through the subconscious it induces the memory to the period of gestation in which we were immersed in the womb of our mother where we were cradled and protected.

We are all linked to water, this is why we have been fascinated and attracted to it since ancient times, almost to the point of being recalled. This is why it is important to make it possible for everyone to maintain and develop this essential bond that can bring us so much well-being.


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