ATIS AT UNIVERSITY takes part in a degree thesis

ATIS Diving Club arrived from Verona to the University of Urbino Carlo Bo as protagonist of an important part of the thesis of the new Doctor of Motor Sciences, sports and health Francesco Pancini, officially proclaimed on 15 September 2021.

Our Doctor, who for over a year is not only a promising student (who has already achieved several patents fra cui Open Water Diver, Advanced Open Water Diver, Dry suit, Dive Buddy HSA and with training for Deep, Rescue e Dive Master), but that now also represents a well-known and willing face of the staff of ATIS Diving Club.

This collaboration, to which ATIS Diving Club is nothing short of proud to have taken part, brings prestige to our reputation by helping promote ATIS initiatives towards the disabled which together with HSA (Handicapped Scuba Association), which officially appointed ATIS Diving Club as its only contact person on Lake Garda and for the province of Verona, carries forward the banner of the DIVING FOR ALL initiative – accessibility project to underwater activities.

Not only, this thesis entitled "The health benefits of underwater activities", also involves ATIS Diving Club in emphasize the importance of serious training for every diver.



Francesco, yes intrigued by diving as a recreational activity, he first sought a school that would not only guarantee him a complete and in-depth training, but that it would provide him with certifications of important value for future use in the workplace (the specific need was to obtain NADD and CMAS qualifications and patents to be precise).

Once you have attended the courses, start the diving experiences and get to know the president of ATIS better Alberto Tumminelli and all the instructors set it up naturally, on the other hand, as always happens in the environment that pervades ATIS Diving Club, a relationship of trust and friendship.

This climate gives way to much more than the passion for diving, but also to comparisons of opinions and exchanges of ideas regarding other areas of the personal life of each of the members of ATIS.



The birthplace of the idea on the subject of this degree thesis for the faculty of motor science is, in fact, inextricably linked to the relationship born between the now recent graduate Francesco Pancini and the president of ATIS Diving Club, Alberto Tumminelli.

At first the proposal put forward by our student, as a certified and experienced athletic trainer and personal trainer, it concerned precisely the athletic training and specifically of the police. Ma rejected by his university, because it is considered "off topic" and because it is more inclined to issues pertaining to health and well-being – as the title of the doctorate itself suggests (“Physical education doctor, sports and health”, precisely), raised some perplexities which then represented the decisive turning point of the case.

For his part, our president Alberto, seizing from the speeches of the same pupil a moment of uncertainty about what to do, has fielded his professional experience by suggesting the replacement of the subject of the thesis by proposing not only divers as protagonists, but i disabled divers; a topic that is more than certainly pertinent and extremely interesting to be explored.

Thus giving rise to a great deal of interest, together with teaching HSA all the practical experience that only ATIS Diving Club and the certified competence of Instructor Alberto could have given thanks to its active members with disabilities and its initiatives together with the latter.



Although the studies of our now proclaimed Doctor Pancini led with conviction to the conclusion that a propaedeutic both on land and in the water is strongly recommended for the disabled, the specific athletic training for the latter soon gave way to reflection and discovery of all the surprising benefits that can be gained from diving.

In reality, it was direct experience in the field (or rather underwater) more than the in-depth study of books to bring out this aspect. At the end, indeed, in the development of the thesis the feedback and comparisons with these extraordinary divers on the notions of the books prevailed, so, thanks to them and to the wonderful personal aspects of this path, was born a paper entitled "The benefits of underwater activities on health."

The rest – as they say – it's history… or rather: it is didactic HSA!

Many of the concepts learned and included in the study are due to a specific training carried out together with ATIS Diving Club, even if the new Doctor declares: “The diver applies rules dictated by a didactic, but this degree represents, from the physical point of view, something absolutely complementary.




During my university studies, I learned how the human body works,

thanks to the writing of my thesis I discovered how the body of the disabled works.


By stating that this thesis represents the perfect combination to implement physical stimuli with psychological aids, our "Doctor Sub" explains how this work reveals the fact that disability is not to be considered only in the body of those who afflict it, but also in the mind.

The Doctor illustrates how in able-bodied people the practice of a sport naturally stimulates the production of beta-endorphins, a type of endorphins (that we all know as "the hormone of happiness"), which give a sense of relaxation by promoting a psychophysical well-being.

Well, this stimulation is almost impossible to achieve in people with disabilities, except through the practice of diving

At the same time, the aquatic environment or more superficially even just the immersion of the body on the surface of the water (“diving for the disabled is not synonymous with depth”- teaches us The ITC Staff Trainer Course Alberto Tumminelli), creates the perfect context for new stimuli e it allows the disabled person to make movements that are completely unsustainable on dry land or even never done at all.

The water, Furthermore, being an environment defined as "zero gravity", has a minimal impact on the joints despite having great feedback from the point of view of cardiac and circulatory stimulation.

By combining beta-endorphins and the aquatic environment, amuscle relaxant action on the muscles, that is an important relaxation. The whole, together with the natural friction produced by movements in the water and the benefit that can be derived from breathing the compressed air of the cylinder, also leads a strongly positive feedback ontissue oxygenation.




As a Doctor I can study these topics,

but as a diver I can experience them and above all make them live.


This degree thesis represents an excellent starting point for future studies that have a very specific purpose: the real mission, totally shared by ATIS Diving Club, from to make diving into something more and more accessible, without barriers, known and used as a means for the mental and physical well-being of an increasing number of disabled people.

ATIS Diving Club is proud to be able to count among its collaborators a person not only genuinely passionate, but a highly qualified and prepared figure, which will surely be able to help us and add value to the services and performance that we are able to offer to the disabled who have already chosen us and will choose us in the future as a diving center. The ATIS diving academy has chosen to go there path of inclusion through recreational and training activities aimed at promoting socialization, and is proud to spread this message, but most of all, is proud to see young divers take this mission to heart and commit to carrying it out.


Therefore, by all ATIS staff: CONGRATULATIONS DOCTOR!



Atis Diving Club

"Underwater training is not just a physical and motor activity. When we dive with our mates, we trust them. [...]

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